Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: ''Pulling the Trigger'' Episode 4

It's week four in Nicaragua, and both tribes are beginning to establish power players while one player still hasn't learned to keeps his mouth shut! This week's episode can also be known as the Jimmy T hour, because we were stuck with the Gloucester, Mass., fisherman as he sang, cried and yammered on and on about not be utilized in his tribe. For the avid reality TV viewer, it was easy to deduce from the first segment that Jimmy T was the one going home, but the real story this week was the gameplay of two members in each tribe.

Starting with Espada's Marty, who is still feeling great about himself after ousting Jimmy Johnson last week. Marty has his sidekick Jill, and together they're calling the shots on the older tribe, even if that means Marty has to sneak a few sea urchins on the side in front of the glaring eye of Jimmy T. The only reason Marty does not have a target on his back at this point is because of Jimmy T's gigantic mouth and Dan's inability to do anything - even walk. Dan is so useless on his tribe that even bending over to collect wood gives him problems. But Marty wants to keep Dan around because he's loyal and will vote whichever way Marty says.

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