The Girls Next Door: Hollywood Welcomes Kendra Wilkinson (Again)

Indianapolis was okay for former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson, with her life as a wife to Hank Baskett and a mother-to-be to Hank Jr. However, something didn't feel right. She's just decided that she misses Hollywood so much that she's moving back to California.

E! News reports that the Playboy model is hoping to buy a house in Los Angeles, and settling there sometime in February. Maybe she just needs to be closer to the place she used to call home - the Playboy mansion?

Kendra, who is already the star of her own reality series, moved to Indianapolis with her football star of a husband after he was dropped by the Philadelphia Eagles. His career didn't suffer that much though, since he was quickly picked up by the Colts. Even so, that wasn't enough for Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett. Her heart really is in Hollywood.

"It's such a tease, because I want to be settled," she said about moving. What could the reason be? This only causes speculation regarding her relationship with Hank. Is it falling apart because of his job, is he leaving because of the baby, is the kid even his, etc. Yet she does maintain that she will continue to support her husband no matter what.

"But I have to stay strong for Hank. It's his job. It was really hard on him when the Eagles released him . I'm here to be his backbone, and though it's hard on me, I didn't want to make it hard on him."

Well, she has her own career path to follow, and that's on reality television. Knowing how much attention she and her baby will be getting, she's preparing to fend off the paparazzi as she heads to LA.

"Consider me a mama grizzly bear," Kendra claimed. "I'm definitely not going to put up with TMZ sh*t at all. If I'm trying to get somewhere and I have my baby, trust me, I will attack."

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