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The Futon Critic has reported that ABC intends to run double episodes of their Tuesday night comedies Scrubs and Better Off Ted throughout January beginning on Tuesday the 5th.

ABC is also airing 2 episodes of Ted and one of Scrubs on Friday, January 1st (seriously...will anybody know or remember to watch these?!) They will then alternate episodes of the 2 shows on Tuesdays - airing Scrubs at 8 & 9 and Ted at 8:30 & 9:30. Collectively, these airings will burn off both shows' 13-episode orders.

Both series have been struggling in the ratings since they premiered earlier this month. Thus, ABC dumping all of the episodes quickly might not be such a great sign for their future survival. From TV By the Numbers: "Though it won't likely quiet speculation from fans, this seems to significantly reduce (all the way down to zero) the likelihood that either show will get renewed for additional episodes."

While I thus far have not been wowed by Scrubs: Med School, I'd be kind of sad to lose Ted, which I think has really excelled in its second season.

How about you?


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Dec 18, 2009 6:46PM EST

I dont really care if they axe Scrubs "The New Class." After Braff leaves following episode 6 thats really it for the show that we loved anyways.
Better Off Ted is one I would really be mad about losing. That brand of smart witty comedy is so funny when it's done right, as better off ted does. I dont think ABC has really promoted Ted right, this could be their The Office if they clued people into it. Lem and Phil are hilarious. I wish this show would have been on a cable channel where they could be smart and funny without having to worry about getting 6-8 million a week. FX, please go get this show if ABC lets it go.

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Dec 19, 2009 1:09AM EST

It's been nice to see the Scrubs revival. But yeah.. after Braff leaves.. just won't be the same.
And I totally agree with Ak10. Better off Ted is just insanely funny and could be as great as "The Office". I only just got into it, but it made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a good long time.

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Dec 19, 2009 10:35AM EST

Scrubs got old a long time ago. I knew Better Off Ted wasn't going to last in the first episode, no laugh track. I love it but most shows that don't have laugh tracks don't last very long. Arrested Development anyone? Great shows don't always make it while many undeserved shows do.

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Dec 30, 2009 3:32AM EST

I think not having a laugh track is the new way of doing sitcoms. Laugh tracks sound really bad in this day and age!
And I agree with everyone before: Scrubs was better before, but losing Ted would be very very sad!I love that show! It cracks me up every time! And I've seen the "Racial Sensitivity" episode about 10 times already :)))

Jan 3, 2010 3:23AM EST

I thought this would happen....Better Off Ted is way too smart for a major network. I hope I hope I hope cable picks it up....Phil and Lem are so wonderful together (I'm pepper because I'm spicy. And I'm salt because I'm salty like a sea captain), and Veronica has some of the best lines ever written (You can walk away tall. Walk away....tall). Ahhh, le sigh.
Scrubs used to be brilliant, but it got old for me a few seasons ago...I watched the season premiere with my friend (who remained a huge fan) and even he didn't like it. They should have bowed out gracefully last season.
But keep Better Off Ted!!!!!!!

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Jan 3, 2010 11:58AM EST

I will be seriously pissed off if they cancel better off ted, i think the show points out great issues about corporate America using exaggerated examples (fabric softener that will destroy the Australian aborigines sense of smell). It smart and new please keep it.

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Jan 4, 2010 10:17PM EST

annanana you comment is exactly what i was going to say.It's smart humor, they really should keep it going.

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Jan 7, 2010 1:40AM EST

Better off Ted is currently my favorite show ever since it aired and has been just getting better. Scrubs next gen is alright, I like the new characters but feel they had a perfect ending last season and there was no need to continue.

Mar 18, 2010 11:03AM EDT

I'm from the uk and scrubs has never been given a chance here, its only got big in the last 2 years and considering its nearly 10 years old says alot about the promotion here.
But saying that it would not have lasted so long if it got big quick. Alot of cast members equals bigger wages each year. The old death by popularity. Thats obviously why half the cast have been axed and new unknowns are in this Med school editition.
I like it to be honest J.D rocks, but with kelso and cox still in I think it could work quite well.
But yeah I think it will go down after this season for def :(
My biggest let down of the year was Heroes. I remember the first couple seasons and how good they were then the writers strike happend and it seems like they have intentionally killed it! I mean come on it aint a soap opera!!! Its for sci fi geeks the amount of emotional crap thats chucked around on each episode makes you want to slap them all!
Sylar and Peter could have been this Decades Lex luthor and Superman. But now they are mates cse they lived in sylars brain for 3 years which actually was only a half hour. Sorry for spoiler but not given much away.
Buffy GoneAngel GoneScrubs GoneHeroes Gone
The Big Bang Theory better stay alive for at least a few more years its sooooo GOOD!And SMALLVILLE is getting better FINALLY! One more season PLEASE!

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