LIE TO ME Season 2, Episode 7: "Black Friday" - Review

I really love watching LIE TO ME, there is just something fascinating about watching Cal Lightman pushing people's buttons to get to the truth.

Tonight's episode, "Black Friday" is another great one (has there ever even been a bad one?) in which Cal and Gillian help a teenager, who suspects he was abducted as a child, find out who his real parents are.

This story has quite a few twist and turns to get to the truth, and as you can imagine it's pretty emotional. I personally found myself very involved in these characters' lives, and I definitely didn't see the payoff coming.

At the same time, Loker and Torres both work on finding out the origin of a stampede that occurred at a store on Black Friday. Since this kind of thing has actually happened, it's really interesting to find out about some of the psychology behind it. It's pretty crazy and that's why I don't doBlack Friday, ever. But it sure makes for a great episode.

Absolutely one of the better Lie to Me episodes, so make sure you don't miss "Black Friday" tonight at 9pm on Fox.

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