Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 12 - Uncharted Waters

Pacey plays darts in Dawson's room, while Dawson is working on his script by adding what he learned in film class about father-son relationships. Pacey and Dawson are going on a fishing trip with their fathers and they are not looking forward to it.

While Dawson and Pacey are out riding their bikes, Pacey's father, Mr. Witter, stops them and tells Dawson that he is excited about the upcoming fishing trip and that Dawson has such a bright future and he will have to come back to Capeside to visit Pacey working at a minimum wage job. When Mr. Witter walks off, Pacey is bothered by what his father said. At school, Dawson is complaining to Joey about the script and the film in general. Dawson tells Joey about how great Jen was doing by helping him with the film. Dawson leaves and Jen asks Joey to help Gale with a news story about teenage girls and life. Dawson and Mitch arrive at the harbor and board Pacey's boat. Suddenly, as Jack is running down the dock, Pacey tells Dawson that he forgot something. When Dawson realizes that Jack is joining them, he looks upset. Jen, Joey, Abby, and Andie all show up to work on the news story. Jack tries to talk to Dawson, but they find it hard to talk to each other.

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