Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 13 - His Leading Lady

Dawson and Joey watch a movie and he points out that it is their first movie night since they broke up. Joey is impressed with how well Dawson is handling everything and Dawson tells her that he is just happy that they are past all of that drama. Dawson asks Joey who he should cast in his movie for the character of Joey, but Joey tells him to stop thinking of the character as her and as a separate character. Dawson tells her that she has moved on and now he is letting go of her. Joey leaves the house, but through the door, not the window.

In art class, they have another nude portrait to paint and the teacher tells Joey that she is doing a great job. Dawson shows up in her class and then suddenly realizes that there is a naked lady in the room. The teacher asks him to leave. Pacey talks to Andie about his butt. Andie is in the bathroom and takes her pill she finishes right before Pacey walks in, still talking about his butt. Pacey goes into the bathroom and finds an empty pill bottle with Andie's name on it. At the library, Dawson is interrupted by the model from the art class. Her name is Devon and Dawson tells her that she probably thinks that he is a pervert, but she tells him that he is probably a deviant who likes to have other people watching him watch others. Dawson is confused how she can go around naked and she explains that she is an actor and after some discussion about Dawson making a movie, he invites her to read the script and see if she wants to try out for Joey's character. Grams shows up with Tyson Hicks, a guy that works at the grocery store. Grams suggests that Jen hire him for the film and Jen agrees.

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