'How I Met Your Mother' Season 5, Episode 21: Ted and Barney fight over Robin

On this episode of "How I Met Your Mother," two of Robin's exes realize they still might be in love with Robin, so they do what they think is the logical solution: Duke it out like real men (and booze).

Marshall and Lily, on the other hand, experiment with different sleeping arrangements, but will it affect their marriage?

The Triangle Doesn't Fit: Robin's boyfriend and co-anchor Don introduces the possibility of having Robin move into his place. When she shares her dilemma with her buddies, Barney is not OK with the possibility of Robin's change of scenery, but her roommate Ted is completely sold on the idea (flash to the empty milk carton conundrum). When Robin caves and introduces Don to Ted and Barney (without telling him that she dated them both), Don's understandably uncomfortable.

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