Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 14 - To Be Or Not To Be ...

Pacey is admiring Jack's work on his duplication of a city that Dawson will use in his movie. Pacey has to leave to do his homework and Dawson is shocked at how Pacey is devoted to his studies. Jack offers to stay with Dawson while Dawson is about to shoot the village scene. Dawson tells Jack that he is impressed with how Andie's influence has changed Pacey's attitude toward schoolwork. Jack talks to Dawson about the poem that he is supposed to write and Dawson tells him to write about himself.

Mr. Milo tells Pacey that he is doing a great job in turning his academic record around. Pacey is happy about his new academic achievements. Pacey greets Andie and thanks her with a big kiss in the hallway. Dawson approaches Jack and tells him that they will meet up after school. Joey is amazed at how well Dawson is reacting to Jack and insists that it is only because he is doing a good job on the movie. Ty approaches Jen outside of school and asks her why she has not returned her phone calls. Ty is concerned that it is because he brought her to a Bible party, but he tries to get her to know that religion is not all that he is. Jen tells him that religion is not a part of her life and that she is not willing to be in a relationship with someone who is involved in his religion. Pacey shows up to class and turns in his poem to his English class and tells his teacher that he worked very hard on it. The teacher is not impressed at the presentation of the poem and suggests that if he leaves it like it is, he will only get a D, but he can turn it in later and maybe get a higher grade. Pacey complains to Jack about his grade and the teacher overhears and suggests that Jack should stand up and read his poem in front of the entire class. Jack protests, but the teacher insists. Jack reluctantly stands up and begins to read the poem about a guy that he is envisioning in his mind. He describes the man that he sees and that he feels guilt, but he stops and runs out of the room. Pacey runs after him, but the teacher tells him to sit down. Dawson and Joey are in class and they overhear a few kids talking about Jack's poem and his reading of it in class.

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