Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7, Episode 9: "The Table Read" - Review

The last few weeks of Curb have had their moments, but the show hasn't really hit it out of the park since "Denise Handicapped." However, "The Table Read" was a fantastic episode, that ranks among Curb's best.

The Seinfeld reunion was in full swing, and as the title implied, it was time for the table read and more, actually, as the episode took us well into the rehearsal process as well. This allowed us not only to see the whole Seinfeld cast together again, but also several actors who had notable recurring roles on the series, including Steve Hytner ("Kenny Bania"), Wayne Knight ("Newman") and Estelle Harris ("Estelle Costanza"). I don't know if the material we saw from the Seinfeld reunion sounded particularly great, but there's no denying how fun it was to see the cast back together, on the familiar set. And there were some nicely observed little moments, like seeing Jerry breaking while rehearsing a scene with Knight, and how amused Julia Louis-Dreyfus was watching them.

What really got the ball rolling on the true Curb material though was when Larry was introduced to a little girl, whose mother nonchalantly said her daughter had "a rash on her p**sy." Now, let's be honest the second Larry got a text from that girl, we all could guess where this was going. It wasn't hard to realize that sooner or later, Larry was going to look like a child molester. But man, it sure didn't stop it from being funny either.

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