'Cougar Town' Episode 22 - 'Feel a Whole Lot Better' Recap

Although I'm on record saying that I'm not buying the coupling up of Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins -- the two give off more of a brother/sister vibe than anything else -- at least the budding relationship between Jules and Grayson was treated in a funny way this week. I'll never hear the words "Shall we?" and "Indeed!" the same way again.

As usual, though, the episode is funnier when the entire gang is factored in. It's especially funny to see Ellie get some comeuppance for once, and at the hands of her mortal enemy, to boot.

It's interesting how Laurie has developed this year. It really does feel like the Laurie of the early episodes was a different person; constantly partying, sleeping with douchebags, and on the way to being a contestant on a VH1 reality show. Now, she's settling into a long-term thing with Smith, she's dressing in outfits that don't scream "slut," and -- gasp! -- she actually wants Ellie's life more than she wants Jules'. So, as we get into the second season, what Laurie are we going to see? I really like that she's being given more depth than just the "party girl" stereotype we saw early on, but I also don't want her to get boring.

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