Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 15 - ... That Is The Question

Pacey is watching Jerry McGuire when Dawson comes home from school with Pacey's homework. Pacey connect the movie to his motivation to be a moral crusader. Pacey asks if everyone is okay and when Pacey asks about Andie, Dawson tells him to call her. Pacey tells him that they are at an impasse. Pacey tells Dawson that Jerry took a stand, but Dawson reminds him that Jerry had to come crawling back to his company.

At school, Dawson sees Ty and Jen kissing and then he approaches Jen and she tells him that she has a school girl crush on Ty. Jen invites him to a party. Joey and Jack talk about how people can't just stop talking about Jack being gay. Jack kisses her goodbye before he goes to class. Dawson approaches Joey and asks her if she would like to go to Jen's party, but she tells him that she has other plans with Jack. Dawson tells Joey to spend some time alone with Jack and do something romantic. The bell rings for class and they head off in opposite directions. Pacey is back in class and the English teacher reminds him that he is behind in class, but Pacey hands over the work. Pacey gets his poem back that is graded as an "F", but when Pacey asks why he got that grade, the teacher tells him that the grades are subjective to his whims. In lunch, Pacey complains to Dawson about his English teacher. Joey and Jack sit together at lunch and Joey invites him to a romantic dinner over at her house. Jack thanks her for supporting him. Pacey sees Andie and then goes over to sit with her. Pacey and Andie talk about how they both feel hurt by the other person not calling and about how their feelings have been hurt. Andie walks away from the table and she runs into Jack as he is on his way to the counselor's office. When they get into the office, they find that their father is in there. Andie immediately runs up to him and hugs him.

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