The Cleveland Show Episode 6: "Ladies' Night" - Review

After spending some time with the less than interesting wives of Cleveland's friends, Donna decides to take control and see secretly hang out with her old single friends instead. Meanwhile, Rallo decides he needs to help his brother out when Cleveland Jr. runs for school president.

Rallo's slowly starting to become more and more assertive, and as a result is turning out to be one of the few bright spots in this series. While he's not quite the evil genius that Stewie is, Rallo's got enough street smarts to get by in the real world. He's definitely the brightest kid in the house, and he decides that he doesn't want to end up having his reputation predetermined by his loser brother. This precedes a hilarious cutaway to one of the Wachowski brothers being asked about his vagina.

Rallo's tactics are pretty funny. He goes from trying to ruining Cleveland Jr.'s opponent's reputation to going after the sympathy vote by making Cleveland Jr. pretend that he's blind. In the end though, it's Cleveland Jr.'s heroics that lead him to victory. I wonder if the writers will choose to follow up on any of this. It would be fascinating to see what Cleveland Jr. does as school president.

The opening segment with Cleveland meeting up with his friends with the wives tagging along was made relatively funny by the presence of Holt's "date". Watching everyone react to what she was about to do when she heard the word "suck" provided one of the best laughs of the episode. It also made it very clear that Donna does not fit in at all with this bizarre group of women. Tim's wife is perhaps the most normal of the bunch, and she's a bear.

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