Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 16 - Be Careful What You Wish

Dawson rants to Pacey about how he’s going to be sixteen and he feels his life is stagnant. Dawson tells him everyone is moving forward but him. He finally decides Joey is the answer to his problems and that he’s going to win her back.

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Gale is surprised to find Mitch in his kitchen fixing breakfast. He explains its Dawson’s birthday breakfast. She implies she didn’t expect him to be there. Dawson comes down and Mitch excuses them so they can discuss his present. They go out onto the porch to discuss it but Gale admits she already got him something, an Explorer. A stunned Mitch asks why they couldn’t have made the decision together. As they argue Dawson overhears everything.

Pacey and Joey are at the Ice House planning Dawson’s surprise party. When Jack comes in they get quite. Jack goes into the kitchen and Pacey asks Joey if she’s ok. She said everyone keeps asking her that and that Jack is the one who is going thru something, and while it was a shock she’s fine now.

Jack goes outside to clean tables when Abby and two of her friends come to the Ice House. They start asking him about being gay. Abby and Jack verbally spar and while she calls him a total babe he doesn’t appreciate the compliment coming from her. Jack leaves as Abby stands there smiling.

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