Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 17 - Psychic Friends

Dawson asks Joey what she thinks of the rough cut of his movie. Joey thinks that Jack did a great job with the movie, but Dawson tries tot ell her that he directed the movie, not Jack. Jack comes through Dawson's window, they celebrate, Jack proposes to Joey, and then they run off together out of Dawson's window. Joey tells Dawson that they aren't right for each other. Dawson then wakes up from his nightmare.

In film class, Dawson tells the new teacher that Frank Capra's characters show the optimism of the characters. Jen tries to get Dawson to show his movie to the new teacher, but Dawson thinks that she will think that it is too amateurish. Mitch gets a job at the high school as the new English teacher that is replacing the other one that had problems with Pacey. Dawson tells Mitch about how weird his life is and how difficult things will be now since his father is at high school with him. Joey and Jack talk about other people as they walk by. Jack contemplates how they have gone from dating to friends in a month and they both decide that they are okay with it. Pacey and Andie talk about going to the fair and Andie really wants to go to a fortune teller. Andie tries to get Pacey to dress as Captain Skippy and eventually has to promise to do something naughty if he signs up for the booth. Jack approaches Joey while she is looking at art at the fair. She tells Jack that she misses kissing and then they are interrupted by Dawson. Dawson tells them that he is helping with the silent film booth and then walks away. Jack tells Joey that they can find out when Joey will have her next kiss by going to the fortune teller.

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