Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 18 - A Perfect Wedding

Dawson finishes watching his movie with Gale, his mother. Gale thinks that the movie is great, but Dawson doesn't think that her evaluation is unbiased. Gale tells him that he needs to continue going on despite any setbacks. Dawson tells her that his teacher thinks that the film teacher thinks that it is horrible. Dawson then tells Gale that it is weird to see his father at school. Joey wakes up to see her father making breakfast. Joey tells him that she thought that it was going to turn out to be just a dream. Bessie comes downstairs and together, they tell Joey about how they were thinking of expanding the ice house to feature catering with their first job being a wedding of one of Bessie's friends. Joey tells Jack about her father showing up at home and that she is having problems dealing with her father and then the new wedding catering business. Dawson and Pacey talk about Dawson's father, Mitch, at the school, when they are approached by Jack who informs them of the catering and that Joey's father is back home. Abby and Jen talk in the bathroom about how stir crazy Jen is living in Capeside. Jen tells Abby that the best times that she has had during the year have been with Abby. Pacey talks to Andie about how they are going to spend the money that they will make by helping with the catering. Andie tells Pacey that she thinks that weddings are antiquated, but Pacey gets her to agree to help with the wedding and she will change her mind. Dawson approaches Joey and her father and says hi to him. Dawson asks how Joey is with her father coming back and she says that she is dealing with it. Joey and Dawson overhear some women talking about her father and she gets upset and walks off.

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