House Episode Recap: "The Down Low" Season 6, Episode 10

When a drug dealer collapses in the middle of exchange, his partner brings him to be treated at Princeton-Plainsboro. Meanwhile, the team plays a practical joke on Forman, and House and Wilson compete for the same woman in their new building.

The Patient

This week's episode starts when a drug dealer, Mickey (Ethan Embry), appears to have been shot, but he really just mysteriously collapsed. His partner in crime, Eddie, accompanies Mickey as he is evaluated by House, who quickly deducts that the two are drug dealers. House determines that Mickey has induced vertigo (he collapses when he hears loud noises), and has the team test his ears. House, on the other hand, pretends he's Jack Bauer and interrogates Eddie with operating room lights in hopes that he'll tell him if Mickey uses the drugs he deals. They speak in textile code words about the "coolats" they deal (i.e. cocaine), but Eddie assures House that Mickey never touched the product.

Foreman Feels Unappreciated

During brainstorming, Foreman finds Thirteen's pay stub (which is higher than his) and thinks Thirteen planted it to get him going. Foreman shows it to Taub, but other than Thirteen's middle name being Bogart, Taub thinks nothing of it because he says he makes the same amount. Foreman asks Chase, who's now sporting a little boy's haircut, what he makes shortly after. And as expected, it's more than Foreman. Foreman goes straight to Cuddy's office to ask for a raise, and she says that since no other offer is on the table, he'll have to wait until his review.

Mickey, who is extremely anxious to leave, requests a discharge, but Thirteen and Chase tail him through the seedy part of town. During the car ride, we learn that Thirteen, Chase and Taub are all in on this fake pay stub that was planted in order to bring Foreman down off his high horse. But the car ride is cut short when Thirteen runs a red light and gets pulled over.

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