Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 19 - Abby Morgan, Rest In Peace

Dawson walks Joey back to his house and they kiss when they get there. He suggests they go up to his room and she agrees so they climb up the ladder to his room. Once inside they continue kissing until Dawson sees Jen sitting on his bed. They ask her what’s wrong and she tells them what happened to Abby. Joey goes to her and hugs her while she cries.

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Joey is sitting on her front porch crying while looking at an album with picture of her mom when her dad comes outside. He see her looking at the album then her a funny story about her mom which gets a smile out of Joey. He asks her what made her take the album out and she tells him about Abby dying over the weekend. He starts to talk about her mom but she cuts him off telling him she has to go to school and leaves.

At school Jen is going to her locker but in the background a grief counselor can be heard. The counselor is talking to a group of students in a room. One of the girls announces the girl’s service group is distributing yellow armbands for people to wear if they want one. The counselor asks Jen if she would like to talk about her feelings. Jen tells her no. She then asks Andie if she knew her and if she wanted to talk about her feelings. Andie responded she was in shock and that it’s a tragedy. Jen looks at Andie mean then jumps up to leave.

In the cafeteria Joey tries to talk to Dawson about what happened between them but he asks her if they could talk about it later. Joey agrees then tells Dawson that she didn’t really like Abby and that she really despised her. Dawson tells her how Abby died was weird. Joey tells Dawson she’s not going to the funeral because the last funeral she attended was her mother’s. She tells him that there is a part of her that hopes her mom will return. He tells her it’s a child’s false hope and that she should let it go. She tells him she doesn’t want to let it go and that he doesn’t want to let it go.

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