The Bachelor Episode Recap: "Week 2"

On this week of The Bachelor, Jake takes some of the lovely ladies on a group date and ABC reveals a contestant's "inappropriate relationship" with someone behind the scenes.

Chris Harrison starts off the episode by explaining the rules to the ladies, you know for whomever on earth hasn't seen the show before. The ladies selected to go on the group date include Gia, Ashleigh, Rozlyn, Christina and others, who get to go to a rooftop photo shoot with Jake in Santa Monica. (I'm sorry, did we stumble into America's Next Top Model?) Everyone seems to be having fun, except for Christina, who is feeling a little self-conscious in front of the camera. Understandable, although a little ironic considering she's feeling self-conscious about the camera while she's on camera. However, the moment turns sweet when Jake embraces Christina to help her feel comfortable in front of the camera and the two share a cute pose.

The group date turns from day to night and Christina quickly loses my faith. I know I said I liked her "tell it like it is" strategy, but now I think it's just a mask to hide all her insecurities! I know its hard living with models and beauty queens and whoever else but lets put the game face on girlie. After going on and on about Rozlyn's great body, Christina pulls Jake aside for some one-on-one time to make sure he's starting to feel what she already feels. In front of Jake, Christina also comes off a little insecure and he admits he would prefer if she had had less to drink! Talk about not making a good impression! Christina is really going to need it together not just in front of Jake, but by herself to get another rose.

Rozlyn soon interrupts Christina's boozy badgering with her one-on-one time with Jake. The two share a few laughs but before you know it, they're sharing a really steamy open-mouthed, all or nothing kiss. Within mere moments, Jake is flying downstairs to get Rozlyn the first rose.

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