Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 20 - Reunited

Everyone is in Dawson's room and Dawson takes a movie break and reflects on how it is great that they are friends. Pacey asks why they have all come together, so they go through who invited whom to Dawson's. While talking about how they all got there, Jen says that she lives there now.

Andie shows up with a new hair-do and when Pacey doesn't react well to it, Andie gets offended. Andie tells Pacey and Jack that she needs to study, but Pacey wants to do something with her. Andie gets very upset when she realizes that she forgot to bring the correct book for class. At her locker, Andie sees a guy standing by a classroom and she walks up to him. Joey asks Dawson what they are going to do that night, but when Dawson replies that they are going to watch a movie, Joey suggests that they do something different. Joey wants to go out, but Dawson tells her that he has already made reservations at a restaurant for a surprise for them. Joey is very happy. Gale comes home and tells Jen that she should call her Grams, but Jen doesn't think that she wants to talk to her. Jen tells Gale that they are going to always clash and that you can't wish it any other way. Gale tells her that she understands her problem, so she asks Jen if she would like to just hang out together. Mitch and Nicole show up at a restaurant and they share a kiss on their way to the restaurant. Nicole tells Mitch that things should be progressing, but Mitch is out of practice in the dating thing. Joey is surprised that they are going to a restaurant that is very classy, but Dawson tells her that it is very expensive. It just happens to be the same restaurant that Mitch and Nicole are at. The maitre d tells them that he didn't realize that there were two Leary parties and doesn't have another table for them. Andie talks to a counselor about her feelings about her brother and Abby's death. She tells the counselor that she is seeing Abby and tells her that she only saw her one time. The counselor gives Andie her home number to call whenever and the counselor suggests that she may have to go back on medication since things have changed. Andie walks down the street and gets into her car and sees the guy in her car that she saw at school. It turns out that the guy is Tim, her brother who died. She wants to continue to remember him and she wants to keep it a secret that she is seeing him. She then cries in his arms.

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