THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ''Bad Moon Rising'' Review Season 2, Episode 3

This weeks episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is entitled Bad Moon Rising and reveals what the Lockwood family secret is. It also deals with Caroline's transformation and sees her making a pretty difficult and selfless decision.

Damon and Stefan still want to find out what the Lockwood secret is, so they rope in Alaric to help them get hold of Isobel's notes on Mystic Falls. Phew! At Duke University, Damon, Elena and Alaric meet Vanessa, a grad student of Isobel's, who tries to kill Elena thinking she's Katherine. Damon saves her life and after some smart mouthing they get down to business. The Lockwoods are werewolves - they even bust out the Aztec myth. Apparently there are very few werewolves left, but they're incredibly dangerous because they hunt vampires - and one bite can kill.

Caroline has been avoiding Matt because of her newfound issue with sunlight and, well, everything else being a vampire entails. Stefan stays behind from the Duke Uni road trip to help Caroline out, roping Bonnie in to create a new special ring. It works, and Stefan takes Caroline to a party at a watering hole on the Lockwood property. There she compels a girl, Amy, to stop flirting with Matt, which puts the first kink into their relationship post-I love you. Matt gets over it though and they have fun.

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