'Deadliest Catch' Recap: News of Phil's stroke reaches the fleet

Watching these final hours of Deadliest Catch' sixth season will require a weekly gut check. But if last night's episode was any indication, it'll be worth it. For every image that knocks the wind out of you - like the ones of Capt. Phil lying in the ER of the St. Paul Island clinic, then being loaded on a flight to Anchorage so he could start receiving the proper medical treatment he'd been without for at least five hours after his massive stroke - there's one that fills you with so much emotion that you want to tell people who make the blanket statement , I hate reality TV, that they are absolute idiots.

Josh Harris, Phil's older son, had to make a decision: Did he follow younger brother Jake to Anchorage to be with their father, or did he stay with the Cornelia Marie, his father's legacy, and make sure it keeps running the way Phil wants it to run? You could tell Samoan deckhand Freddie Maughtai was holding back something (other than tears) when he told Josh to go to Phil. Season every year Crab every year Dad, no, he said, before finally admitting that he lost his father while he was fishing Opi with Phil. Arriving to a dead body was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He didn't want Josh to live with that regret for the rest of his life. I love you, Josh, Freddie said, as he left him alone in Phil's chair to think. I teared up. I was so thankful Freddie was there to give him that advice. Just like I was so happy to see John Hillstrand waiting for Josh at the airport when he arrived that I literally talked to my TV.

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