'Bethenny' Gets It All Episode 9 Review

To start things off, Ramona stops by and may or may not have scared baby Bryn with her face. It's confusing and strange being a baby. Ramona shares some life advice with Bethenny, including whether or not to have a second baby. Then they gab like old gal pals about "having relations" gewwwwwwww.

You guys, Bethenny's post-baby body is no joke! She looks so great and is giving SkinnyGirl a good name. She's already wearing leggings! So why not have the baby shower after you've had the baby? You can have more fun that way. Shawn puts a stop to a "cake-tastrophe," which is pretty much a category five hurricane in Bethennyville. Once that was resolved, it left room for the impending Max-tastrophe. I'm just glad they didn't play that "guess the poop in the diaper" game (you know the one).

Baby Changes Everything

If Bethenny says that having a baby is the hardest thing she's ever had to do, I don't know how anyone can do it (especially without a baby nurse!). At her shower, Bethenny would prefer to talk about "men or penis sizes" so the nurturing side didn't take over entirely. If only we all had a Gina. And if only Bethenny would fire Max already. What is his deal? Why did he think it was okay for him to get a massage before all of Bethenny's guests? Awkward.

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