'Rescue Me' season premiere review: Dead, drunk, and dreaming

Dead or drunk: These seemed to be the primary ways we were meant to see Denis Leary's Tommy Gavin in the new, sixth season of Rescue Me that premiered last night.

Dead: That's how he started out, in a pre-credit sequence that followed up on last season's Tommy-gets-shot cliffhanger. In Tommy's unconscious vision, he's a walking corpse surrounded by dead firefighters who rise up, including his cousin Jimmy, who accuses him: On 9/11, you never came back to get me.

Drunk: Tommy's going off and on the wagon this season, with head-snapping quickness. Sometimes it's a fake-0ut - see, that's water, not vodka he's guzzling - and sometimes it's boozing in earnest.

Other subplots? Tommy's firehouse may become a victim of the recession. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) has taken to helping Tommy's soon to be divorced wife, Janet (Andrea Roth), at her house while Tommy has been recuperating. Naturally, Tommy is suspicious and jealous.

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