Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Eviction No. 4

On this episode of Big Brother, Kristen goes on the offensive to try to sway enough votes to stay in the house. In the process, she almost outs The Brigade's secret alliance. Meanwhile, back home, Hayden's family and Kristen's friends (including her boyfriend of two months) weigh in on the couple's showmance. Plus: Julie Chen reveals who may be the next Saboteur and teases that the new Head of Household will be the most powerful of the summer. So, what went down and who was sent packing? Let's find out.

But first! I want to again apologize for the lack of blogs while I was away. It was a crazy couple of weeks, during which I didn't even have time to watch my beloved Big Brother, much less write about it. I am even sadder that I wasn't able to write about Andrew's crazy awesome eviction speech, Enzo's hilarious domination of the luxury competition, the catfight between Rachel and Kristen and Rachel's ridiculous review of The Other Guys. I am sure "It was the best movie I have ever seen" will be on all the ads from now on. Anyway, thanks for your patience with me, and I hope you guys kept the discussion alive. I promise there will be no further interruptions this summer.

(Aside: Being inside the Big Brother house was awesome. It's incredible how the producers make the whole show come together. Watching the Power of Veto competition unfold on 75 monitors in the control room was quite a spectacle. Also, slop isn't terrible, but if it was all I could eat for a week, I would probably lose it.)

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