'Dexter' Season 4, Episode 7: Defying the Code of Harry - Review

Ever since Dexter Morgan found out about Trinity's life as Arthur Mitchell, we've been treated with somewhat leisurely sub-plots as a substitute for Trinity's deferred- death-at-the-hands-of-Dexter. And it seems that Showtime's Dexter is just taking its sweet time trying to give viewers a chance to get to know Trinity a little bit more while Dexter picks up a thing or two from his newfound mentor. "Slack Tide" the seventh episode of Dexter's fourth season, is just about that. By the end of the episode, however, our favorite serial killer is left with even more hurdles than he can seemingly handle.

In a nutshell, Deb discovers the philandering truth about Harry while convincing LaGuerta to open the case on Trinity, Quinn gets on Dexter's trail and Dexter kills an innocent man.

It's a little comforting to know that Deb's little investigation about Harry's dirty past has been thrown in the backseat since she discovered that Harry was sleeping around with almost all his CIs. But now that she's officially back in the police force, she's found a new way to get into Dexter's way by opening the case against Trinity.

While Deb is slowly closing in on Trinity in her investigation, Quinn does a little investigation on his own by following Dexter into a club where Dexter's keeping an eye on a photographer, a murder suspect in Miami Metro's latest case. Quinn knows something's up with Dexter but I doubt that he's smart enough to figure everything about him right away so it looks like this will be a slow cat and mouse chase all season long. And though Quinn isn't really the most revered character on Dexter, he's certainly a worthy stand-in for season 2's Doakes.

Arthur, on the other hand, isn't himself lately because something bothering him though it's not clear what it is. The most disturbing thing about him though is that we see him work on some lumber project, which appears to be some sort of coffin.

Finally, we witness Dexter do something he's never done before. We've seen Dexter get sloppy in the past but we've never seen him mess up this big. He kills the photographer but later finds out that it was the photographer's assistant who's guilty. It's bad enough that he's struggling with suburban family life and Trinity, but now he's defied the very essence that defines the code of Harry. Can he get past the biggest mistake of his life?

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