Heroes: Preview of Episode 4.9 "Shadowboxing"

After taking last week's trip down memory lane, it's time to revert our focus to what the fourth season of Heroes is really all about: Redemption! But redemption is not only about our heroes seeking salvation, nor is it just about the show's attempt to spring back to its former glory. It's also about the Carnival trying to recover from the loss of their leader and seeking revenge in the process.

Unfortunately for our heroes, things are already falling into place for the Carnies. Proving that he's mastered the art of manipulation, Samuel already has Hiro at his beck and call and this week, he sets his eyes on Claire to get through her dad.

Last time we saw Claire on Heroes, she was caught in sorority fiasco in which invisible Becky tried to kill Gretchen. And while Claire discovered Becky's power, other sorority girls discovered Claire's. How will Claire deal with all this?

In the episode "Shadowboxing," Claire tries to get to the bottom of Becky's attacks but soon learns that the Carnies are using her as bait for her dad Noah. Meanwhile, we see Peter's exhaustion over his new ability though this doesn't stop him from embracing it especially when it proves to be useful to his job. Peter also helps Emma accept her new life.

The other part of this three-character-driven episode is Sylar trying to gain full control of Matt's body by murdering an innocent man. Will Matt get out of his mess or will he just suffer Sylar's fury all by himself? Find out tonight at 8pm on NBC.

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