Recap: "Deadlock"

Ellen returns to Galactica, causing all sorts of drama between the Cylons, including Saul's pregnant girlfriend. Also, we begin to see how the Cylon and human cultures have already begun blending together, regardless of the tensions between the groups.

I don't know about you guys, but aren't you dying to see the fleet's reaction to Ellen's return to Galactica? And how awkward will it be for Saul now that he's got one of the Sixes as his babymama? Plus, I'm completely nervous about Galactica's condition, and wonder if this biological resin can really do anything to help the ailing ship.

Can we talk about something else, too? What the frak is Universal thinking about developing a non-Moore and Eick BSG feature? I know J.J. Abrams is doing it with Star Trek in May, but seriously, this is really frakkin' disturbing to me. I can't imagine seeing a big-screen version of Adama and Starbuck, but it's not Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff. It's just too soon. What do you think?

On with the show....

Galactica's Repair

Adama checks out the biological resin that the Cylons are painting on the internal surface of the ship. It looks like gooey tar, and Adama touches it; his look is one part terror and one part hope that this crazy goop could actually work.

Tensions Rising

One of the Sixes goes to a ration center on the ship to get food and encounters some angry humans. Luckily for her, she can kick ass. But the message is clear: The Cylons won't be welcome on Galactica for a very long time.

Roslin approaches the Caprica Six in the hall to congratulate her on her baby, though, we all know she couldn't care less. What's her real motivation for reaching out? She wants to know if Caprica's had anymore visions, and when she says no, Roslin asks a strange question. Is your baby important? Caprica is offended and leaves quickly.

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