'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Foregone conclusions

Like he even had a chance. For anyone who watched Wednesday's performance episode of So You Think You Can Dance, last night's results were a forgone conclusion. After all, the judges had spent the entire season picking AdéChiké apart as if he were a Thanksgiving turkey. If he développé-d, he could have extended his leg higher. If he executed a pirouette, he could have spun faster. If he smiled, he could have grinned as brightly as Jose.

And Wednesday night was no different. Nigel & Co. essentially handed AdéChiké his pink slip, criticizing him for two performances that failed to impress - mostly because of flawed, ho-hum choreography. But no matter - the panel wanted a final three that consisted of Kent, Robert, and Lauren, and that's exactly what they got. (Let's just pause right now to collectively thank the SYTYCD gods that Jose is not included in that final three. Okay, moving on.) AdéChiké could have visited an evil scientist and demanded to have his DNA spliced with Baryshnikov and Desmond Richardson, and Mia would have still scrunched her nose at the dance super-being. So, after Wednesday night's show, we all prepared ourselves for AdéChiké's ouster. But the elimination would have been much easier to swallow had the judges actually given the dancer a proper farewell.

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