Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 2 - Wake Up Call Part 2

Diana discovers that NTAC Agent Garrity has begun with his co-workers to build the super-structure at the hospital.

Lily and Isabelle are at a store when a local preacher demands all copies of Jordan's book be removed. When the man discovers that Lily has a copy she intends to purchase he begins insulting her and Isabelle. However, Isabelle sends the store into chaos when windows begin smashing and items start flying around. Lily, Richard and Isabelle leave in a hurry with the preacher and his sons following.

Tom, Diana, Marco and Nina discuss the structure and what to do with it; Marco believes it really is a communication device. Nina notifies Tom and Diana that they are not to go near the hospital.

Maia returns home early from her sleepover when she is teased because she admits to having a crush on Frank Sinatra.

The preacher catches up with Richard, Lily and Isabelle. Richard speeds up but then a tire blows out, knocking them off the road and forcing them to walk in the forest.

Diana discovers that Maia has been keeping a diary, Marco and Diana speculate on the nature and contents of the diary. Richard, Lily and Isabelle have paused in the forest as Richard has hurt his leg. Tom decides to return to the hospital with Tess, and Diana decides to follow. Shawn and Kyle meet up for a chat.

Tom and Tess break the residents out of the hospital, Tess remarks that Kevin is a genius. While looking for food, Lily finds some unripe berries which mysteriously ripen when Lily tells Richard about them.

Richard decides to procure one of the hunters' guns to defend his family, and although he manages to get one, he is knocked out by the preacher.

Nina goes to the hospital with a squadron of armed men. Just as they manage to break the door down and cease any more activity at the structure Diana pushes up the power leaver. The structure then powers up and begins emitting sounds on a sonic level and then knocks everyone in the vicinity over.

Richard hears a gunshot and a scream from Lily. He disables his 'guard' and runs to the scene. The preacher has killed his son under Isabelle's "devilish" influence. He then has a heart attack and dies. His son catches up and points his gun at the trio, however, when Isabelle looks at him, he points the gun at his throat and shoots himself.

Tess is still at the hospital after having started the device; the future did not take her. The only change is Kevin; he has begun speaking again after six years and can also think again. He feels better.

Marco reveals to Tom, Diana and Nina that Kevin is quite possibly the father of 4400 technology. The episode ends with Shawn about to heal, Kyle learning golf, Richard and Lily hitchhiking, and Diana reading Maia's diary.

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