Mad Men: Sterling Cooper Draper Price is Born ( Season 3, Episode 13)

Things may have ended on a sour note for Don Draper's marriage as Mad Men wraps up its third season but things are look brighter than ever on the business front at least. After being told by Conrad Hilton that ad agency McCann Erickson is buying Puttnam, Powell, and Lowe -- and Sterling Cooper along with it, Don informs Cooper about the sale and proposes that they buy Sterling Cooper themselves. In the end, most of the show's main characters, including Pete, Harry, Peggy, Roger and Joan, have joined Don to start a new agency. And thus, Sterling Cooper Draper Price is born.

Is this just a temporary solution? Or will Sterling Cooper Draper Price last and be the fulfillment of these ad men's dreams? We'll certainly find out next season.

But while the birth of this new ad agency promises a new era in Mad Men as it kicks off its fourth season, the finale has left us wondering what will now happen to Don, who is forced to start a new life without his family by his side, and Betty, who has seemingly gone off to Las Vegas with Henry to get a divorce.

Seeing the reaction on Don's face after learning about Betty's affair with Henry Francis from Roger is enough to make us think that nothing is ever going to be the same anymore. And as we head towards the new season, we all know that Don is getting his freedom whether he likes it or not.

Then there's also Sally and Bobby to think about. These kids have endured so much heartbreak when Betty and Don gave them "the talk" and knowing that they were just left with Carla in the end makes me feel they've been abandoned more than ever. For sure, nothing is ever going to be the same anymore.

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