Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 3 - Voices Carry

Richard, Lily and Isabelle check into a hotel for the night, instead of 'the ditch in the woods'.

April Skouris calls her sister, Diana for the first time in ages, and surprises her sibling by appearing at her apartment.

Shawn makes a presentation at the 4400 Center; Jordan gets a visitor who is also an arms dealer. Tom Baldwin and Diana speculate on the nature of the visitor to the center. Gary Navarro visits NTAC and reveals the problems he is having: he cannot control what he hears, and compares it to 'an ocean of noise that won't go away.'

Kyle tries to start college, but Tom forgot to pay his tuition. Tom is sure he issued the cheque for Kyle; he however left it in the cheque book.

Nina notifies Tom that Navarro has to help NTAC before they'll help him. Lily and Isabelle try to get another blanket at the hotel lobby, and as the clerk exits the room to get them one, his cash register opens. Lily steals some money.

Gary agrees to help NTAC as a mole. Lily gets take-out food and Richard questions where she acquired the money, he then decides he is not hungry. April and Maia return from a day out. Gary attends the center to begin his time as a mole.

Gary meets Jordan, who only seems concerned as to whether Gary has an ability. Shawn then interrupts, stating his concern over Jordan's visiting arms dealer. Gary tries to sleuth until he is caught; he successfully talks himself out of trouble, and hears the arms dealers state 'no one stands between me and $30 million'

Kyle attends the university but ends up in a day dream until Wendy Paulson wakes him up. They talk and he doesn't think the class is very good' until he realizes that she is the teacher of that class.

Gary's medication is confiscated and he begins to suffer without it, when the voices start bleeding through the walls. Gary begins to have trouble concentrating and Collier discovers his ability with Gary at gun-point, Tom and Diana decide to go in and discover they'd plan to overthrow a country.

April and Diana have a quarrel and April decides to leave, until Maia interrupts.

Lily and Richard leave the hotel. Richard ponders Isabelle's abilities, and what she may do with them in the future, then has a small seizure.

Nina reveals to Tom and Diana that Gary will not be immediately helped, breaking their agreement.

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