Kate Plus 8: Why TLC Filed a Suit Against Jon Gosselin

Things aren't over between Jon Gosselin and TLC, even though the network has decided to snip off his name from their reality show Jon & Kate plus 8. Recent developments regarding the battle of the two parties have surfaced, pointing out several reasons why TLC is taking its stand against the father of eight.

Radar Online has reported on the latest filing by the network in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. Allegations against Jon include his breach of contract with the show, along with complaints about him from several advertisers of TLC.

An affidavit from Edward Sabin, executive vice president and chief operating officer of TLC has revealed more details about the case. If any of these accusations are found to be true, then Jon Gosselin will be facing an incredibly serious problem.

First of all, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 father has time and again asserted that he didn't have adequate representation. However, the affidavit claims that the contract was signed in June 2008, "during which the Gosselins were represented both by an attorney and their manager."

Being paid to appear on a CBS program was another violation of the contract, since Jon Gosselin has already participated in two shows for them. What's more, TLC's long-time advertisers have protested against the dad's "erratic, widely publicized behavior." This has also caused quite a hassle for the network.

The hearing has been scheduled for December 14, and Jon Gosselin will be questioned under oath once TLC's motion for a preliminary injunction against him takes place. Reports say that he'll be questioned by Paul Gaffney, a partner in Williams & Connolly, the Washington, D.C. law firm hired by the network for this case.

If that's not bad enough, TLC has even subpoenaed Jon's girlfriend Hailey Glassman and friend Michael Lohan to testify against him. Also included in the list are his lawyer, bodyguard and talent agent.

The focus of the court session will reportedly be the Gosselin dad's statements he made about the network as well as the income he received outside of the reality show. It's really going to be tough, seeing as how Jon ignored numerous conditions of the contract ever since his departure from the series.

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