Episode 5.15 "Follow the Leader" Recap

Previously on Lost: Faraday was killed by his own mother while trying to stop the Incident at the Swan Station and alter the course of history. In the future, Ben agreed to follow John Locke while Ilana and Bram were revealed to be working for...someone. Not Charles Widmore, and probably not Ben.

Lost is especially cruel this week as we are forced to rewatch Daniel Faraday's death, this time through the eyes of Jack and Kate. After it happens they try to run, but Charles Widmore rides up on his horse and puts a severe beatdown on Jack. They're brought to the camp where Ellie, haunted by killing her future son, has them put in her tent.

30 Years Later: Richard Alpert builds a ship in a bottle on the beach. Where did he get a ship in the bottle kit? He gets a visitor in the form of John Locke, leader of the Others, who brings a boar and tells Richard that they have an errand to run. It's hard to tell who Richard is more surprised to see: Locke of Ben.

Sun, who somehow has no idea who Richard is, learns that he's very, very old and immediately asks if he knows what happened to her husband and friends in 1977. Richard says he saw them and that he watched them all die. I smell something crazy brewing.

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