Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 5 - Suffer the Children

Shawn rushes to Jordan's side when he has another attack. Jordan tells Shawn that baby Isabelle judged him and found him wanting; she had killed the old Collier and he was reborn, pure.

Brian and Heidi visit Richard and Lily, and Heidi reveals she knows Lily is her mother. Lily then awakes crying, realising it was a dream.

Heather Tobey, a 4400 who is a junior high school fine arts teacher, is pulled from her classroom and arrested for child abuse. Tom and Diana are assigned to investigate her.

Shawn's mother, Linda, visits Tom and they converse about Kyle, Shawn and Danny. Danny reveals his dislike of the returnees.

A homeless couple crashes a 4400 Center press conference held in a local park. Shawn stops security from kicking them out, and allows them to eat the free buffet food.

Tom and Diana discover that Heather's students are becoming artistic masters in a matter of weeks. Tom and Diana question Heather; she tells them she can look into certain children's eyes, nurturing and bringing out their pre-existing talents.

Richard is unexpectedly apprehended by the police at a gas station. As he was leaving, one of the officers calls "Mr. Tyler? Richard Tyler?", and after urging Lily to leave, he then admits to them that he is indeed Richard Tyler.

Shawn goes to see the homeless people and brings pizza. He notifies Jordan about his intentions to help the homeless people. Jordan supports him on the condition he doesn't reveal his ability to them. Shawn takes them out to buy clothes at a thrift store, and plays the guitar with Liv. He then buys the guitar for her.

Danny begins arguing with a college student; Kyle blacks out and disappears and when he returns to normal he is in his house. Richard is released from jail when Collier pays his bail. Shawn stays with the homeless people but Liv's boyfriend turns up and begins causing problems.

Lily begins to worry as to why Richard has not called, and calls Brian requesting legal help as she has nowhere else to turn. Jordan makes Richard a proposal. Lily theorizes as to why Collier wants to see their daughter

Pushing her way through a crowd of protesters, Heather returns to work. A student of hers with no artistic talent, Greg, walks into Heather's class with a gun, stating that she made him do this and he has no choice. Greg wants her to change him. Heather asks him to allow the other students be allowed to leave; he permits it. Greg does not wish to be a nothing, like his father. Through the school intercom, Greg's father talks to him, admitting his failure, and asks Greg to make sure that his father's mistakes don't allow his son to be killed. Greg surrenders.

Liv's boyfriend, Dewey, sells her guitar and overdoses; Shawn arrives and hesitantly heals him in front of an audience, revealing his power. He leaves in a rush when he is surrounded with requests to be healed. Jordan meets up with Richard, Lily and Isabelle and he becomes happy when he touches her.

Heather leaves the school, and reveals she may become a private tutor, although she needs to figure out how to use her ability properly first.

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