Episode 9 Recap

Admit it America, you are so looking forward to the naked photo shoot on this week's Make Me a Supermodel. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, I most certainly am looking forward to some supermodel skin, and lots of it. That's right, I'm loud and proud about lusting after supermodel flesh and tonight is my night to revel. You should too. My excitement for almost Supermodel nudity is only dampened by one thing: Amanda. Why oh why did they not send Amanda home last week? Raise your hand if you would rather have seen Colin naked tonight instead of Amanda. All hands up? I thought so.

It's a Colin-less morning in the house and Jonathan and Sandhurst are sad about it. Sandhurst says Colin was "just so lovable that he'll be extremely missed in the house." While the boys are ruing Colin's departure, an email arrives telling the models about their next photo shoot. Cryptically, the email reads: "It's all about the little things." Little things during a naked photo shoot 'eh? Out of the gutter, mind! What the judges really meant was this week's photo shoot is going to be about accessories, and nothing else.

The models arrive at a studio and are told that they have 30 seconds to choose an accessory off a table to pose with for their photo shoot. Of course, none of the models know yet that this is the only thing they'll be posing with, but that's what makes this game so fun. The models rush to the table and choose their accessories. Sandhurst chooses leather driving gloves, Jordan chooses a gigantic handbag, Jonathan goes for a classic grey scarf, Branden bee-lines it for a yellow tie, Salome chooses a pair of chandelier earrings, Mountaha goes straight for the sexy stilettos, and Amanda chooses a shawl befitting of a widow from a telenovela. And that's when Tyson drops the news, these accessories are the only thing you are posing with.

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