Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 6 - As Fate Would Have It

As Jordan sings to Isabelle, Richard remarks they will have to start calling him "Uncle Jordan" soon. Richard and Lily decide they are going to pay their fines for not checking in with NTAC.

Maia runs out of her bedroom screaming 'He's gonna die.' She tells her mother that someone is going to kill Jordan Collier. Tom, Diana, Jarvis and Marco debate Maia's prediction. Tom and Diana visit Collier and offer him NTAC's protection.

Lily bumps into Brian on purpose to say thank you and give Heidi a present by proxy. Liv visits Shawn, asking that he heal some homeless people who are too embarrassed to ask for themselves.

Kyle, reading a notice board on his university campus, remarks to Danny that it has been several days since he last had a blackout.

Tom and Diana debate what to do regarding the Collier situation. Tom and Diana visit a suspect who reveals the 'Key' system.

Talking to Maia, April lists every boyfriend she has had in the hopes of finding out if she has a future with any of them. Someone knocks at the door, and April predicts that it will be the baby sitter. Maia answers, and screams, dropping a glass and running off. It is not a baby sitter but Jordan Collier. He gives April a present for Maia and apologises.

Heidi visits Lily and asks if Lily is her mother, Lily reveals the truth to Heidi: yes, she is.

Shawn tries to persuade Collier not to be a martyr, but Collier ushers Shawn to leave.

Lily takes Heidi to see Richard and Isabelle. However, when she sees Heidi, Isabelle begins to cry. Heidi then returns home, with her mother telling her not to skip school again.

Diana and April talk about Collier; Maia talks to them about men. Diana receives a subpoena from NTAC requesting Maia's diary.

Kyle has another blackout and wakes up outside his teacher Wendy's apartment. An upset 'high' Liv visits Shawn shouting her woes; Shawn decides to let Liv sleep at the 4400 Center on the couch for the night.

Jordan asks Isabelle if she knows anything that she can shown him; Isabelle telepathically shows Collier that he will live a long, successful, and happy life. He thanks her.

In an unknown location, a sniper prepares his gun.

Back at NTAC, Tom and Diana have a lead. They break into a hotel room but their suspect is on the lam. Numerous NTAC agents arrive at the 4400 Center and catch their armed suspect. Collier offers credentials to NTAC, allowing them to attend and secure the launch of the Center.

Kyle tries to apologise to Wendy.

Liv awakes with no memory of the prior night; Shawn gives Liv a first key. Tom and Diana conduct various safety checks at the 4400 Center to make sure everything checks out and is safe. Shawn gives a short speech about his mentor and friend, Jordan Collier. Jordan begins his a speech.

On the rooftop of a building, a sniper looks down his rifle at Collier and fires. Collier is hit and immediately collapses. Tom races after the sniper. Shawn tries to heal Jordan. Collier's pulse is weakening. Shawn tries to heal him again. Jordan tells Shawn, "She told me to go through with it. She lies." Jordan Collier dies. Tom loses the sniper.

Lily and Brian meet up; Brian tells Lily that Heidi is ill. Lily thinks Isabelle is the cause for Heidi's sickness.

At Collier's funeral, Shawn gives a speech promising to achieve his vision. Tom and Shawn talk, and Shawn tells Tom that he shouldn't underestimate how highly Jordan rated him.

A woman screams and runs out of a room and shouts 'He's gone! His body, it's not there. Someone stole the body.' Collier's body has disappeared.

Diana and Maia rip up the subpoena for Maia's diary.

The sniper, Kyle Baldwin, places the rifle in a duffel bag and throws it into the lake.

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