Alan Tudyk Talks About Alpha Role

Actor Alan Tudyk came back to the consciousness of sci-fi fans recently when it was revealed that he plays the mysterious character Alpha on the beleaguered Fox series Dollhouse. In an interview, Tudyk, who previously worked with Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon on Firefly, said playing Alpha was a "stress rash." The rogue "Active" has 43 personalities inside of him.

"It gives you a lot to chew on. In this coming episode, you see the effect of what 43 people is on one person. Alpha has a little bit of difficulty controlling them. We all have inner monologues, different voices that sort of chime in throughout our day. You know, different opinions on situations."

Tudyk, 38, played laidback Hoban "Wash" Washburne on Firefly, which itself was canceled after only eleven of the fourteen produced episodes were aired. Dollhouse has aired 11 episodes so far and is in danger of being canceled due to low numbers.

The actor furthermore shed some light on how Alpha's mind works.

"He's a little less in control of his opinions; they are full people who all want voices, so it takes an effort to maintain order in his brain. So it was fun. It was a challenge. It was a little crazy making, you know, playing with that in your head and having to have different voices and sort them out and give them voice and then also having to fight them, create them, and fight them in a way."

Regardless, Tudyk maintains playing the character is mentally exhausting. "There's one line - I can't say the line - there's one line that was like he can contradict himself because he's different people."

On the possibility of a Firefly reunion, he said it's pretty unlikely since everyone in the cast of the cult hit is busy doing something, such as Nathan Fillion doing detective series Castle and Summer Glau is on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which in itself is on the bubble alongside Dollhouse.

Yet perhaps to humor Firefly fans, he said Joss Whedon "may need to call in Summer just to kick Alpha's ass if he survives."

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