Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains' Tyson Apostol

There's something unnerving about Tyson Apostol. Part of it's that he's tall, 'Nordic underwear model' handsome and pure muscle. But it's more than that.

Tyson says vicious things about people he knows well, and narcissistic things about himself. But if you look at him for some sign that he's kidding, you won't get one. There's not even a glimmer of recognition that he's said anything socially awkward.

Is Tyson putting everyone on? Is he playing a character, whether it's on the show, or talking to a reporter over dessert? Does he wait until people look away and then laugh about how well he had them going? Or is Tyson cold blooded?

Tyson trashed some of his fellow contestants, gave me his unique perspective on being a villain, and commented about one Survivor hero's alleged taste for illegal cigarettes. He may well have been joking, but he said it with a completely straight face. That kind of awkward ambiguity is the nature of Tyson.

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