The Hills Episode Recap: "Mess With Me, I Mess With You"

On Tuesday's episode of The Hills, the Kristin-Justin Bobby-Audrina love saga continues. Kristin attempts to make peace with Audrina by texting an invite to lunch, but Audrina never shows. Instead, Lo swings by and Kristin tells her about how she met Justin Bobby for a drink, just to tell him they should remain friends. Lo knows there had to have been more to the meeting. "Justin never asked me out to drinks to get to know me better," she observes.

Lo later tells Audrina about her lunch with Kristin and Audrina is surprised she actually went and waited for her. Seeing Stephanie, Lo and Audrina as besties is a little weird, don't you think? That night, while Audrina and Lo head to the Vedera music showcase, Stephanie goes to the Playhouse club opening where Kristin and J.B. arrive together. At least Jayde, Brody's girlfriend, still can't stand her. Justin, in his lovely suspenders, shares an intimate moment with K-Cav about not listening to what other people say about her. Kristin then reminds him that if he f---s with her trust, she'll cut him off so fast. Moments later, the two are making out, with Stephanie, of course, there to witness it all.

Over in Speidi-wood, the duo meets their new neighbors and their nephew, Enzo, who lives with them. Heidi wastes no time before offering to babysit; Spencer wants none of it. The next day, Spencer comes home to find Heidi watching her new friend Enzo playing Wii. "Are you kidding me?" Spencer says as he starts getting angry. He then turns off the game, takes Enzo home, and tells Heidi, "I can't be around kids; I can barely be around adults." That's the truest thing Spencer has ever said. Watch the funny clip of this scene below.

Kristin takes a ride on Justin Bobby's motorcycle (at least he shaved). At lunch she asks him, "Do I get my own helmet?" J.B.'s "witty" response: "I got to save it in case Audrina wants it back." They're not just talking about a helmet, are they? The pair wonders what will happen next between them, but Kristin reminds him that she just wants to have a good time. Then they ride off into the sunset.

What do you think of Krisin and Justin Bobby together?

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