'True Blood': Maryann the maenad

After weeks of me complaining, "True Blood" finally gives up the goods on mysterious new Bon Temps resident Maryann's supernatural status. As for her end game...well, that's still a little bit up in the air.

The teaser this week picks up right where we left off at Maryann's insane orgy, where Sam is obviously intended as some sort of sacrifice. Luckily for him, Andy comes bumbling onto the scene (looking for the pig), all "the hell?" and breaks up the revelry with a gunshot. Maryann chases Sam but he spots an owl in the trees and takes its form, flying away from the crazy demon lady. He finds Daphne later, who explains that Maryann is so hung up on getting Sam because he got away from her once before, and then spills the beans that Maryann is a maenad, which is a handmaiden of Dionysus. Finally! Now that Daphne's services are no longer needed, Maryann has a black-eyed Eggs kill her. What a thoughtful handmaiden.

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