Glee Season 1, Episode 4: "Preggers" - Recap

"Preggers" finds Quinn Fabray, you guessed it, pregnant. The big question: Who's really the baby daddy? Rachel's dealing with troubles of her own when Will gives Tina the latest solo in the Glee club, which may lead her to quit. Kurt joins the football team to cover up his spandex-wearing ways from his father, adding a lot of flavor to the team. Meanwhile, Terri hatches a scheme that just may get her a baby of her own.

Here we go...

The fourth episode of the series kicks off with a rousing rendition of "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)," which comes after a slightly infamous disaster at the VMAs. Beyonce, I'm going to let you finish, but Chris Colfer rocks his spandex and your song like nobody's business.

Kurt's dad, however, isn't too fond of his son getting down in the basement to the hit single. With the help of Brit and Tina, Kurt's able to convince his dad that he's in spandex because he's the new kicker on the football team. Tina also has to play his girlfriend to keep up Kurt's facade.

Over at Will's house, he and Terri are practicing Lamaze because she'll soon be "pushing a watermelon out of her boy howdy." When Will steps out of the room, Terri reveals to her sister that her baby bump is actually padding. Her sister keeps her from confessing the truth to Will, saying they're going to have to get her an actual baby.

The next day, Will, Emma and Ken become a threesome for lunch, to the detriment of Ken. The topic of discussion: Sue Sylvester has her own segment on the nightly news called Sue's Corner. Predictably, Sylvester promotes corporal punishment, because that's how "Sue sees it." Sue brags to the trio that she's busting out of her box.

At glee's rehearsal, Rachel has the opposite problem. Will takes away Rachel's solo, passing it on to Tina, who could use a boost in the confidence department. Rachel is not pleased and storms out, thus knocking down the first domino that will lead her astray from the club.

Kurt takes this distraction as an opportunity to ask Finn for a favor. "Thanks, but I already have a date to the prom," replies Finn. Actually, Kurt just needs Finn to get him an "audition" for the football team, which shouldn't be too hard since they're the worst team in the state. At tryouts, Kurt makes a faux pas by bringing Beyonce onto the football field. His fix of "Single Ladies," dance number included, does score him a field goal, ensuring him a spot on the team.

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