Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 19 - Best Man for the GOB

Michael meets with the company's accountant, Ira Gilligan, who informs him that the company's books are a bit…tricky. Gilligan tells Michael that there is no money where there should be - and this isn't the first discrepancy. Ira pledges that if he's asked to testify, he won't lie.

Gob drops into the office and Michael, pleasantly surprised that Gob's marriage is sticking after two weeks, offers to throw him a bachelor party. Thing is, Gob visits George Sr., who tells him that getting married was stupid. Gob needs to get rid of the wife and he's hoping Michael can help at a cocktail party tonight. Make up some lies about how he's sneaky and irresponsible and needs other people to clean up his messes or something. Tobias comes in with his own problem. He and Lindsay have hit a bit of a rough patch. He needs Michael's help in recruiting Lindsay in reuniting "Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution", a band which Tobias set up in the mid-'90s to subsidise his struggling psychiatric practice. Lindsay and Maeby were the other members of this struggling folk band. He remarks that there is a wellness convention in town, and requests that Michael ask Lindsay to see if she is willing to reform the band. Firstly, Michael goes to see his father about the missing money. George Sr. figures that he probably stole it himself, so Michael should take Ira for some guy fun so he isn't inclined to testify. Fishing or something. Michael hedges and George Sr. dismisses his son as not fun, promising to get Gob to handle the job.

That night, the family gathers at Lucille's to welcome Gob's wife. Buster and Annyong still aren't getting along and Michael tries to convince Lindsay to go along with Tobias' band plan. Lindsay wants no part of it, but Maeby is quite excited. But in fact, Maeby is more interested in keeping her parents happy because that's when they leave her alone the most. Even more excited is Gob's wife, who caught a Dr. Fünke performance years ago and loved it. And Michael, at Gob's request, is trying to paint G.O.B. as unreliable. Michael is then shocked to discover Gob has told his wife that he is the one working hard to keep the family together and that Michael will probably hit on her.

Gob then comes in and gives Michael the news that after speaking with their father, he'll probably stay in the marriage after all. Oh, and George Sr. is Gob's best man now. But Michael can still solve his problems for him. The next day, Gob visits his father to prepare for his big night. But George Sr. has bigger plans. He's hatched a plan to make Ira think he killed a stripper at Gob's bachelor party, leave town and the Bluths could blame Ira for the missing money. All they need is a narcoleptic stripper, a darkened space, a drunken Ira, some corn syrup and a little red dye and they'll be all set. If Gob can convince Ira she is actually dead, Ira could use Gob's honeymoon tickets and get out of the country.

Back at home, things aren't going so well for the band's reunion. George Michael tries to join in on the fun by keeping time with a wood block, but that effectively breaks up the rehearsal. Michael arrives home, determined to prove that he is, in fact, fun. He's booked a fishing trip for himself and George Michael. Lucille, meanwhile, hears about Gob's bachelor party and insists that he invite Buster. Lucille will be attending Annyong's soccer awards banquet and doesn't want Buster left alone in a house full of juice, which he's not allowed to have. As Michael and his son check into the hotel, his brothers arrive. They try to gloat about Gob's bachelor party, but Michael is determined to have some wholesome fun with his son instead. Meanwhile, at the wellness convention in the very same hotel, the Fünkes are preparing for their show. Problem is, Lindsay and Maeby ditch the band. Can Tobias perform on his own? If he doesn't, the venue won't validate (cue dramatic music).

Back in Michael's hotel room, the guys are settling down for the fun of tomorrow. George Michael, concerned that he can't fall asleep with the sun still up, suggests that he goes downstairs to watch Maeby's band while Michael drops in on the bachelor party. Upstairs, Gob is preparing to set up Ira under his father's helpful closed-circuit TV gaze. Problem is, Gob's Hot Cop strippers came dressed as cops and Buster drank the two buckets of fake blood thinking it was juice. Tobias is struggling to keep the audience interested in his clapping and backup singing. He tries performing the group's one ballad, but with no other band members on hand, it's a struggle. Until Gob's wife appears from the crowd playing Lindsay's instrument and singing along. Back at the bachelor party, Ira's arrived and the con is in full swing. It hits a snag though when Ira refuses to drink and Buster, out of fake corn syrup blood and desperately looking for his next sugar fix, finds the giant cake in the next room. But, unfortunately, he's unaware of the narcoleptic stripper contained within. Buster digs deep for a huge piece of cake and accidentally grabs the stripper, who bursts from the cake and punches Buster in the face, knocking him out. Michael, arriving at the party, decides to check out the next room, and when he sees an unconscious stripper next to an unconscious Buster, decides to call the cops.

Gob desperately tries to convince Ira that he was drunk and killed the stripper. However, one of Gob's Hot Cop buddies had made Ira the designated driver. Just then, the stripper wakes up and sees Buster in what appears to be blood and thinks she killed him for groping her. When Ira sees the stripper run out, he realizes that Gob was trying to set him up and vows to testify against George Sr. In the aftermath, Gob and Michael share a tender, brotherly moment that is interrupted when Gob's wife comes in and says she wants out because she's in love with Gob's brother. Angry that he did it to him again, Gob knocks Michael out with a punch to the face, only to realize that his wife was referring to his brother in-law, Tobias.

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