Recap Arrested Development: Season 1, Episode 22 - Let 'Em Eat Cake

The Bluth businesses are in trouble. Because of the low-carb diet fad, the banana stand has been struggling. Meanwhile, the model home is falling apart because of shoddy workmanship. Lindsay thinks she has a solution, and excitedly tells Michael about her new bead business. All she needs is some startup money from Michael. G.O.B. thinks Lindsay is starting a bee business, and when she refuses to include him as a partner, he vows to start his own superior bee business. Michael is reluctant to give Lindsay any money, since her many previous businesses were failures, but ultimately agrees to help her out.

Michael goes to prison to prepare for the polygraph test he has to take. There, he sees Buster and Annyong, who make a bet with each other to see who can get a girlfriend first. George Sr., Lucille, Barry Zuckerkorn, and G.O.B. are waiting for Michael. He tells them he has just received a call from Kitty Sanchez, who is threatening to bring the company down unless they meet her demands. George Sr. tells Michael to give Kitty what she wants, but not to find out what she knows so he can pass the polygraph.

At the banana stand, George Michael makes a new friend, Ann. Ann wants to know if bananas are high in carbs. George Michael tells Ann he will be on TV talking about bananas and the low-carb diet, so Ann invites him over to her house to watch. As George Michael tries to impress Ann, Maeby watches with disgust.

Michael meets with Kitty, who wants to be in charge of the Bluth Company. She tells Michael that George Sr. built houses overseas without paying taxes. Michael decides that paying the back taxes is easier than dealing with Kitty, and leaves.

Michael returns home just as George Michael is leaving to meet Ann. In the kitchen, Lindsay and Tobias excitedly announce that a book Tobias had written years earlier had suddenly caught fire, but only in the gay community. With the influx of money, Lindsay abandons her bead business to support her husband.

Michael calls his son so the two can watch George Michael’s interview on the news. Maeby informs him that George Michael is on a date with Ann, and jealously insults her plain appearance. When the news starts, however, George Michael’s piece has been bumped for a story about American-made homes built in Iraq. Michael notices that the house in Iraq is identical to the model home.

With this new information, Michael tries to get back in touch with Kitty. However, she is meeting with G.O.B. and trying to get his help to take over the Bluth Company. The next day, Michael went to Lucille to ask about the Iraqi model homes. Lucille claims ignorance, but seems to support his suspicions. G.O.B. arrives, and inspired with a sense of conviction from his meeting with Kitty, demands to be put in charge of the Bluth Company. After Michael explains to G.O.B. exactly what the company president has to do, he backs off his demands.

Tobias is hosting his first book reading of his book, The Man Inside Me. Lindsay arrives to support her husband. She realizes that the book is only popular in the gay community, and that Tobias is just as oblivious as she had always thought. With this realization, she tells Tobias she does not think their relationship can work.

Armed with his knowledge about the model homes in Iraq, Michael meets with George Sr. at the prison. George Sr. tells Michael again that he should just give Kitty what she wants, in case she gives the evidence to someone else. In fact, Kitty was trying once again to take over the company, this time meeting with Buster. Buster thinks it is a date, meaning he has won his contest with Annyong. George Sr. accidentally mentions that Lucille knew about the Iraq model homes the whole time. Fed up, Michael says he is leaving, and Kitty can have the company.

With Michael gone, George Sr. volunteers to take the polygraph. The test does not go well, and he suffers a heart attack just as the test gets underway. The family gathers at the hospital. When Tobias comes, Lindsay realizes that perhaps they may still have a connection. With George Sr. incapacitated, Buster sees a chance to put Kitty’s coup d’etat in action. However, he decides that he is not up to the challenge. G.O.B. announces he will speak for the family, but immediately changes his mind, demanding that Michael should be there to handle the responsibilities. They realize that nobody has called Michael.

At the model home, Michael tells George Michael they are leaving. The family can fend for itself. George Michael says he wants to stay because he likes the family. Michael complains that his son has been acting strange lately, growing distant from him. The phone rings, and Michael tells George Michael not to pick up, since it will only be the family asking for something. George Michael answers anyway, and they rush to the hospital.

At the hospital, Maeby, still upset that George Michael has been spending time with Ann, decides that she could use her uncle to make her cousin jealous, and kisses Annyong. However, George Michael did not notice.

Michael changes his mind, and announces that he would never leave the family. Just then, a doctor comes and tells the family they have lost George Sr. Shocked, the family goes to see the body. There, they discover an empty bed, realizing that the doctor meant George Sr. has escaped to flee the country. Michael quickly reverses course again, and tells George Michael they are leaving.

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