The Simpsons: "Moe Letter Blues" Review Season 21, Episode 21

The Simpsons has been on quite a run. The last several episodes have been some of the best we've seen in recent seasons. And the run continued with "Moe Letter Blues." Sunday's episode was a nice Mother's Day treat, told through narration and flashbacks, all while scoring big with the laughs.

The storytelling in "Moe Letter Blues" was what stood out first. Things started with Moe narrating, and then moved on with flashbacks from Homer, Apu and Reverend Lovejoy as they tried to figure out which of their wives might be running off with Moe. This could have been clunky and unnecessary, but the writing made it work. The flashbacks flowed together well and made sense from Moe's point of view. The episode even wisely made fun of its own set-up. While Moe was easily in place to witness the troubles between Homer and Marge and Apu and Manjula, he was comically shoehorned into the flashback for the Lovejoy's. There, Moe randomly poked his head out from behind the church to witness the turmoil.

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