MAD MEN ''The Chrysantemum and the Sword'' Review Season 4, Episode 5

This week's episode of MAD MEN finds Pete attempting to bring in yet another large client, Honda Motorcyle Company, much to the complete disgust of Roger who fought in World War II. Roger's very vocal opposition to the account made for some awkward moments at the partners meeting, but that did no stop the remaining partners, at Don's lead, from deciding to pursue the client. Of course this could be due to the call from the New York Times reporter who told Don that Ted Shaw was quoted as saying When Don Draper looks in the mirror, he sees me. Very ballsy. Don's nonchalant I've never heard of him response, though, seems to cut even deeper. This is apparent when he runs into Ted Shaw at Benihana's and Ted mentions that he is also pursuing the Honda account and pretty much says he is the better man and he will win the account. Even Shaw's wife seems offended at his behavior.

To prep for the big Honda meeting, the staff has been given a book on international etiquette. This sends Pete off hunting down all of the chrysanthemums which represent death and buying gifts for the Honda execs including Johnnie Walker Red and a can opener? It was hard not to laugh at the entourage touring the offices and the interpreter declaring that he could not translate the creative room and just ends up saying 'I don't know what this room is for.' Equally humorous were the Honda execs wonderment when they encounter Joan and ponder why she doesn't fall over. It doesn't matter what language you speak, Joan knows what you are talking about gentlemen and she is not amused.

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