HUNG ''Third Base'' or ''The Rash'' Review

This week's episode of HUNG involved the Happiness Consultant business running out of control, egos running high, and Tanya just plain running. The episode begins with the school gym and locker room being vandalized and all of the equipment that Ray had purchased with Happiness Consultant money being stolen. The vandals drew pornographic scenes with wolves which made Mike think it was the opposing team at first. He then questions whether Damon was involved since he pissed on home base. Although Ray shrugs that off as ridiculous, he still manages to find it believable enough that he asks Damon over dinner. Damon responds with a puzzled why would I draw wolves having sex with each other? Poor Damon. The fact that he is different from everyone else and the exact opposite of Ray always has everyone believing the worst about him. Actually, though, he appears to be the character with the biggest heart.

In order to raise money to get more eqiupment, Mike decides they need to have an alumni game in which Ray will actually play. Apparently, Ray hasn't been fond of playing since his heyday in high school. Mike thinks he will draw them in, so Ray agrees and hits the batting cages. Meanwhile, Frances and Mike are still going strong so he meekly approaches her about sponsoring the team or buying a block of tickets. Frances seems a little put off but not as put off and hurt as she is later when Tanya confronts her about not paying for all of the time she has been spending with Mike. Tanya actually writes a figure on a piece of paper of what she thinks Frances should pay. Frances, almost crying, shouts she is not an ATM and tells Tanya that Mike already asked her for money and she already gave him some. Tanya has lost control of the ho she never had.

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