RUBICON ''Connect the Dots'' - Review

Last night RUBICON focuses on the search to find out who Donald Bloom is. We see Ed's grief over the death of his best friend, as he maniacally tries to solve the puzzle and Connect the Dots as the episode is aptly titled. We get a glimpse of Tanya, struggling to work under the shadow of her alcohol and/or drug problem.

Will sees Kale and Bloom at lunch, where Bloom thanks Kale for the job. What is the job? We learn that they are old friends; both used to be ex-CIA agents; and they killed people together. Ed comes across a connection between Beirut, Houston, New York, and Nigeria, all places involving Bloom and death. Ed theorizes that somewhere there are crossword puzzles that contain the go-codes for killings in Nigeria or Houston.

Tanya is on Kale's radar as a security risk because of her apparent drinking habit. Will tells her to prepare a presentation for Spangler, concerning the Yuri Popovich and George Beck case. Tanya proposes that they should put their attention on Beck, because he has the reasons, the means, and the profile. This approach gets the go-ahead from Spangler. Is Beck a side story; or is he related to our main characters and their secret motives?

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