TRUE BLOOD ''I Smell a Rat'' Review

After quite an intense True Blood episode last week ending in a bloodbath, I was of course looking forward to this week’s TB episode “I Smell a Rat” with great anticipation. What could they possibly do now that tops an anchor getting his spin ripped out from his body? Well let’s talk about what happened in this new episode.

Lafayette and Jesus

First off these two save Crystal’s dad by giving him V. Probably not the smartest idea, but in desperate times, I guess you do what you gotta do. That said they might have been better off not saving him since he wasn’t grateful whatsoever.

But probably, the craziest thing that happened for these two was that V trip they took. Did anybody else feel like that went on for way too long? And I’m guessing the point was to find out about Jesus’ grandfather who was a sorcerer? All I know is that cannot be good news or they wouldn’t have shown it to us.

All that aside, I kind of missed the sweeter scenes between these two this episode.

Arlene and Terry

So Arlene finally confessed that the baby wasn’t Terry’s but Renee’s. And you know what, Terry’s reaction just made me love him even more, how amazing is he?!! Which leads me to why would Arlene get rid of it when he told her he would raise the baby as his own? Is it because she’s afraid it’ll be evil? I feel that wasn’t made clear enough. All I know is that this whole thing cannot end well.

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