THE SIMPSONS ''MoneyBART'' Review Season 22, Episode 3

Boy, are these intros getting longer and longer. A Chinese work factory producing The Simpsons perchandise, even killing unicorns, does not inspire much jolliness. Especially when set to funeral music.

When Dahlia Brinkly, a Yale graduate, arrives at the school. She convinces Lisa to join many more societies to fill out her application. When Maggie trounces (and I mean Zorro trounces) her in fencing, she finds herself at the end of her rope until Flanders arrives and quits coaching Bart's baseball team.

Bart is outraged when Lisa volunteers to become coach of his baseball team. There has been countless (about twenty two seasons worth) of ridiculous plotlines, but this one just doesn't click. Lisa doesn't have to be a baseball coach. Wouldn't setting up a chess club or a chemistry society be easier than coaching her brother's baseball team?

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