Darabont: 'The Walking Dead' Will Have "Plenty of Gore"

Last weekend at Comic-Con, one of the big stars was The Walking Dead, AMC's new zombie series that is set to premiere in October. The subject of zombies has never really permeated American television in the way that, say, vampires have, but The Walking Dead might just bring the age-old genre to the screens in a big way. But don't think that it'll be toned down because it's on television. No, much like True Blood has been bringing the gore with its third season, executive producer Frank Darabont assured fans at Comic-Con that the gore on the show would be plenty enough to "satisfy hardcore zombie fans."

Now, I'm not a particularly huge fan of gore. My favorite type of horror is the kind you can't see (i.e. Blair Witch Project). However, it comes with the zombie territory, so I don't think I'll be too put off for the series. I didn't expect the camera to cut away every time the zombies began to consume a victim (or in one case in the comic book, an entire horse).

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